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Through our SuperAdobe training programs, we have empowered thousands of people to improve the world around them. 

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new-learn to build a dome online!

For the first time ever--official CalEarth instructors demonstrate how to build a superadobe dome from beginning to end.

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The strength and simplicity of SuperAdobe makes it a powerful tool in the fight against the global housing crisis. A simple, one-person structure can be erected in just one day. A community can learn in a week how to build houses that will last for decades if not longer. SuperAdobe empowers individuals and communities to build safe, secure housing in the face of war, natural disaster and poverty.

At CalEarth, we count on the contributions of people like you. Your support allows us to continue our work as a research, education and relief organization.


SuperAdobe Worldwide!
Check out some of the amazing SuperAdobe structures that have been built across the world!
SuperAdobe structures can be found in 54 countries, being used for a variety of purposes including emergency housing, an orphanage, a birthing center, wellness retreats and personal residences. As we teach, we also learn and continue our research and exploration of SuperAdobe’s potential.



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