Rocket Stove 3 Day Training


Rocket Stove 3 Day Training

from 350.00

Beginner/Intermediate |   Friday-Sunday |   Hesperia, California

Come join Cal Earth Institute to learn about sustainable heating systems! 

In this workshop you will learn how to build a super high-efficiency masonry heater in only 2.5 days!

  • There is no Superadobe component to this workshop other than the fact that the rocket stove will be built inside (or outside and attached to) a Superadobe structure. We recommend watching our Introduction to Superadobe Online Class if possible prior to arrival.

  • The rocket stove masonry heater is a full build from beginning to end.

About Masonry Heaters

  • Masonry Heaters burn fuel at 90+ percent efficiency, producing almost no polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and double burning the fuel and the gases so that the fuel-to-heat ratio is extremely efficient. Along with this the system produces instant radiative heat, instant hot cooking surfaces and longterm conductive heating of the building which last for many hours once the thermal flywheel has momentum. The combustion chamber design is discussed in detail; the dynamics and theory of fire are discussed in detail; cob, earthen plasters and insulative elements are discussed in detail, as well as finishes, artistic flourishes and custom design considerations.

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Cancellation Policy:

 If for some reason you cannot attend, your deposit can be transferred to a future Cal-Earth building workshop.