Applied Permaculture Workshop For Dry Environments


Applied Permaculture Workshop For Dry Environments

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Permaculture is a holistic and ecological design system, it helps us design, or redesign, human communities by using ecology as the base of study, designing and creating systems that are sustainable, functional and integrated. It can also be considered as a social movement that offers positive solutions for the challenges in social sustainability, likewise, it is proposed as a tool for all the people that want to be responsible for their own future as well as the future of the planet.

The workshop uses as its guideline the permaculture principles, but it is focused on techniques for Arid to Semi-Arid areas where rainfall is lower than 400mm (15.7 inches) of rain per year.

The Workshop, “Applied Permaculture Workshop for Dry Environments” is a theoretical/practical course run over 5 days. Teaching materials for the workshop include presentations, slideshows, audio-visual material, hands-on and discussion.

The Objective is to provide the students with an understanding of sustainability from the perspective of a Permaculture design system focused on dry areas, including topics such as healthy food production, natural building, energy accountability, the capture and conservation of water and any other elements required to design a natural system, and to promote a change of perspective that facilitates a transition from the unsustainable high energy consumption culture to a sustainable low energy consumption culture

This workshop is for any person who is interested in learning how to make sustainable designs, no matter their educational or experience level. Permaculture can be applied at any level: urban, rural, academic, corporate, institutional or government.

The information contained in the workshop has been designed to cover the most relevant aspects. By undertaking it, the students will understand how Permaculture principles work and how a healthy and fertile system works.

- Evidence to act
- What is Sustainability?
Food Security Applied Permaculture
- Permaculture principles - Methods of design
- Patterns
- Weather & Climate
- Water
- Soils
- Plants
- Animals
- Urban and community strategies. - Closing ceremony
- Seed propagation
- Composting
- Garden building for Dry Areas
- Water system calculation & design

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