ONLINE Introduction to SuperAdobe


ONLINE Introduction to SuperAdobe


Beginner   |   Run Time: 2.5 Hours

Equivalent to "One Day Intro to SuperAdobe" Workshop

In this course you will learn how to build a garden bed and
landscape walls and benches using Superadobe. This class includes the full curriculum taught in our One Day Intro to Superadobe program at Cal-Earth. NOTE: This class does not teach dome building, only the basics of working with Superadobe. 

The class covers the following topics in-depth through step-by-step demonstration:

  • Tools & Materials

  • Mixing the Soil

  • Prepping the Site

  • Design Layouts

  • Compass Set-Up and Footprint

  • Managing Moisture

  • Starting/Laying/Finishing the Bag

  • Tamping/Compaction Strategies

  • Laying Barbed Wire

  • Connecting Elements

The online class also includes a downloadable handbook with step-by-step instructions.

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Suggested Supplies

250 Yard Superadobe Roll
from 285.00

250 yards can build a small dome (up to 8 foot diameter), small garden bed, retaining wall.

  • 14 inch width: good for any dome up to 12 foot, all landscaping
  • 16 inch width: Domes up to 14 foot (Eco-Dome Apses use 16” bag), all landscaping
  • 18 inch width: Domes up to 16 foot (Eco-Dome central dome uses 18” bag), thicker retaining walls/benches
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