Ceramics Apprenticeship Program


Ceramics Apprenticeship Program

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Beginner/Intermediate  |   Hesperia, California

Program Overview:

Harness the elements of earth, water, air, and fire by combining ceramic art with earthen architecture. Our new ceramics program at Cal-Earth will provide students with an opportunity to learn about clay and ceramics, create and take home functional and sculptural art work, and design finish elements for Earthen structures. Learn with ceramic artist and Earth builder instructor, Brandon Evans. Come stay at Cal-Earth this Summer to be inspired and learn to take clay from its raw moldable form and fire it into timeless and livable art!

Program Details:

Limited to 8 students. No prior experience necessary, a range of experience levels is encouraged. Beginner to advanced lessons. The program will focus on individual artistic growth with functional and sculptural work, as well as group projects focused on developing architectural concepts, and finishing elements in our Earthen structures. Demonstrations, hands on experience, and projects possible will be adapted to skill level of students, interests, time available, and current site goals.

Topics Covered:

Wheel throwing
Hand building
Functional pieces like mugs, dinnerware and cookware
Sculptural pieces
Harvesting, processing, mixing and recycling clay and glazes
Various glazing and decorating methods
Designing and modeling
Firing techniques, such as electric, gas, raku, pit fire, etc.

Research Topics May Include (but, not limited to): 

Ceramic window frames
Wall/floor tiles
Roof tiles for dome and vault buildings
Installation of ceramic elements into buildings
Water filtering and Watering vessels
Light fixtures
Kiln building and theory
Firing architectural scale structures/sculptures

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