Advanced Vault Program


Advanced Vault Program

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Advanced  |   Hesperia, California

Following the successful completion of the long term program, the advanced program focuses on Superadobe vault construction. Once a student completes the long term program, they have a solid foundation in dome Superadobe construction. Vault construction is the next step in the mastery of this technology. This program offers the opportunity to design and build a full vault through completion.

Topics include but are not limited to: 

Vault Design Principles & Theory
Reading Vault Blueprints
Estimating Cost and Materials
Soil Testing and Mix Making for Vaults
Footprint Layout & Site Orientation
Foundation and Leveling Techniques
Drainage and Waterproofing Strategies
Planning for Services/Utilities
Buttress Construction
Vault Form Construction
Window/Door/Niche-Opening Construction
Superadobe Advanced Techniques
Vault Roof Slab Construction and Strategies
Removal of the Form 

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