"Cal-Earth gave me everything I expected and more. It was an inspirational experience that challenged assumptions and pushes participants to be better builders and better people."


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Beginner | 8:00am - 5:00pm Sat/Sun |  Dates TBD | $350 ($600 for A+B)

An exciting session that is designed to expose students to traditional hand building techniques based around pottery making and sculptural art. Emphasis will be on preparation, form, shaping clay, and decoration techniques. (*Due to time restraints bisque firing included only for individuals returning for the Ceramics "B" workshop the following weekend.) 



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Raku Glazing and Firing

Beginner | 8:00am - 5:00pm Sat/Sun |  Dates TBD | $350 ($600 for A+B)

This is a fascinating firing process to see and be a part of. Raku firing is dramatic and exciting. It is also a wonderful way to actually watch the glazes melt and see what happens inside the kiln in a matter of minutes. Bring your own bisque pieces to glaze fire if you choose, or purchase bisque pots made by instructors and glaze and fire them. 

CERAMICS apprenticeship  

Intermediate | July 1-August 2, 2019 |  Hesperia, CA | $2000

Our ceramics apprenticeship at Cal-Earth will provide students with an opportunity to learn about clay and ceramics, create and take home functional and sculptural art work, and design finish elements for Earthen structures. Learn with ceramic artist and Earth builder instructor, Brandon Evans. Come stay at Cal-Earth this Summer to be inspired and learn to take clay from its raw moldable form and fire it into timeless and livable art!