Phase 1 On-Site Construction is Fully Funded!


We have reached our first fundraising goal! Since launching this campaign, we have received 675 individual donations totaling $49,898! We were also able to sell a land asset this month (closed escrow on 3/15/19) for $126,660!

This means that Phase 1, which includes all on-site improvements, has been fully funded. We have all the permits and expect to break ground April 1st. The estimated cost for Phase One is $87,445 (see the original estimate below), but due to some changes requested by the City of Hesperia, the estimated cost for Phase 2 Off-Site has increased, so the overall project total has gone up to $214,243.

Fortunately with the land sale we have funded the majority of Phase 2 as well, with a remaining total balance of $37,685 (still waiting on final approval from city and final estimate to follow).

As soon as construction begins on Phase 1 (see timeline below), we will continue to raise the remaining funds for Phase 2 off-site improvements.

Thank you to the CalEarth community for helping us raise the funds needed to re-open our campus. Your support and generosity has been overwhelming.

Stay tuned for our official campus re-opening date!


Anticipated Project Timeline:

Learn more about the required Civil Improvements and the history/timeline here.