CalEarth has BIG News to Share!

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Yesterday, president of CalEarth, Dastan Khalili and consulting civil engineer Vicki Gray presented to the International Code Council (ICC) and received approval to develop evaluation criteria and perform final testing on SuperAdobe. This is a HUGE step toward making it easier for anyone to build permitted SuperAdobe structures worldwide.

While there are still a few steps left in the approval process, this is a monumental win for CalEarth and the future of SuperAdobe. Moving forward, we will work to establish evaluation criteria for qualifying cement stabilized earthbags as an alternative to adobe masonry for use in the construction of single-story residential structures under the 2018 International Residential Code. SuperAdobe will then join Strawbale as one of the only sustainable building techniques with ICC criteria.

While this has been a great accomplishment for CalEarth, we are still faced with the challenge of re-opening our campus. We also must fund our final ICC testing and we cannot do this without your help.

Please join us in revolutionizing the way the world builds and help us bring SuperAdobe to the forefront of green building technology.

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