Art Beyond the Canvas - November 2-14, 2018

Don't miss CalEarth at "Art Beyond the Canvas" from November 2-14, 2018 at The Container Yard in downtown LA!

The event features the work of CalEarth, Eco Domes Africa and Intsikelelo and explores how the SuperAdobe method was used to build the Langbos Children's Shelter. This shelter (designed by CalEarth alumni Quintin Christian and his team) houses orphans and vulnerable children in one of the poorest rural communities in South Africa. The buildings utilize renewable energy systems including solar power, rainwater harvesting and waste water recycling.

Photographic works, video projections and an interactive SuperAdobe installation and virtual reality experience will educate attendees about SuperAdobe and take viewers through an immersive journey to the SuperAdobe construction site of the Langbos Children’s Shelter.

On Friday, November 2, join the Khalili family and CalEarth staff and alumni for the opening night reception starting at 8:00 p.m. This exhibit puts into action Nader Khalili's philosophy of empowering vulnerable communities through sustainable design and innovation.