A New Website and So Much More!

As we approach the 25th anniversary of CalEarth, we are continually amazed and humbled by the unwavering support of our community. As a nonprofit organization, almost everything we do is thanks to the support of students and volunteers. There is something magical about CalEarth...when we need something it has a way of turning up. In May 2016 at an Open House we had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Webster, an extremely talented web designer and art director who offered to volunteer her time to help us. Over the past few months Lauren has built us a new website completely from scratch, including re-branding and re-focusing our story to give a fuller and richer picture of all that CalEarth encompasses. Thanks to Lauren, our work is now available to people everywhere in its fullest form. Be sure to read about our founder, Nader Khalili, and browse the gallery of SuperAdobe projects worldwide. Also check out our online classes, and the full 2016-2017 workshop schedule including our annual Permaculture Combined course in just a couple of weeks. 

Thank you Lauren for your selfless commitment to helping CalEarth reach those in need, and thank you to all our students and supporters past and present--we are eternally grateful. 

Sheefteh Khalili, CFO
Dastan Khalili, President
CalEarth Institute

Permaculture Combined Training October 3-15, 2016