Dear Friends,

In 2017 CalEarth celebrated its 26th anniversary. As we reflect on the last year we are reminded of the amazing commitment of people like you to make this work possible.

In 2017, our organization realized several highlights. A couple items of note included the following:

  • After many months of work we launched our Superadobe Online Workshop Series. This 12-part video series includes nearly 7 hours of classes and was filmed during a workshop in 2016. Our goal is to put the entire curriculum online so people all around the world can download or stream the classes from a computer or mobile device. The purchase of classes helps support CalEarth’s operation, and we plan to donate the classes to anyone in need who cannot afford them.

  • We built an underground dome and launched a Ceramics apprenticeship program after many years of planning. Both were hugely successful and we look forward to continuing them in 2018.

  • We held multiple international workshops in Mexico, Spain, and Italy

  • We launched our sustaining membership program in November 2017 and already received donations from 72 members!

Throughout the last 26 years, thousands of people have come through CalEarth and gone on to change the lives of countless families and communities around the world.

Thank you for being a part of our family at CalEarth.



Dastan Khalili & Sheefteh Khalili

2017 In Numbers

140,958 visitors
SuperAdobe roll yards shipped
Facebook Fans
Instagram Followers
Open House Visitors
Workshop Participants
Online Classes & E-Books Downloads
CalEarth Members

CalEarth Workshops Offered
Long Term Apprenticeship Program Graduates
CalEarth International Workshops

Below is a summary of CalEarth’s income and expenses for 2017 as well as the IRS Form 990. Having launched our sustaining membership program in November 2017, we are hopeful this will increase income for 2018 to cover the remaining expenses and allow for the additional projects in progress.



  • Donations: $5,576

  • Grants: $10,000

  • Program Revenue - $233,311

  • Product Sales (web & on-site) - $39,792

  • Misc. Income - $525

  • Total Income - $289,204


  • Engineering & License/Permitting - $49,123

  • Product Expenses - $27,643

  • Program Operating Costs - $46,260

  • Salaries/Instruction - $188,592

  • Office Expenses - $4,969

  • Total Expenses - $316,587