The earthdomes at the Pegasus Hostel have proven their worth. A few days on and replastering is continuing apace. We are delighted to see the structural integrity of the domes underneath the render is completely intact - nothing has shifted. The cracks were only superficial in the render itself. The job now is to make sure all 40 domes are completely watertight for the coming monsoon and to improve the drainage on the site. Our main problem is that all the windows shattered during the first big earthquake.
We cannot use the brick dormitory for the forseeable future due to ominous looking cracks and fears of further quakes - so the domes are our refuge until after the monsoon.

Thank you for your generous donations to our repair and relief funds. Every penny is being used on site and in the local village for repairs, emergency supplies and stocking up for the monsoon.
— Pegasus Children's Project

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