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For the past 25 years CalEarth has been committed to our mission of providing solutions for housing using SuperAdobe. Our founder Nader Khalili believed that every man and woman has the right to be able to build a shelter for themselves and their communities. Our commitment to that belief is unwavering. With your support this work can continue to reach those in need all over the world. 

    How your contribution helps:

    • Relief Efforts
    • Scholarships
    • Children's Programs
    • Research & Development
    • Training

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    Over the past year and a half, we have developed the "Duffel Bag Dome"

    • Two duffel bags weighing less than 35lbs each (15.88kg)
    • Includes all the tools and materials needed to build a 6 foot (1.83 meters) emergency shelter

    We are now ready to mass produce these kits and send them out all over the world with trained builders to build and teach in communities that need this knowledge but cannot access it easily. We always say, if it is not accessible, it is not sustainable.

     Please help us make this a reality by making a donation to CalEarth. 

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    How your Contribution Helps



    We believe shelter is a basic human right, and that SuperAdobe is a powerful tool in the fight against the global housing crisis. Support all our relief initiatives and the global impact of SuperAdobe.



    We have 500+ children visit annually from schools all over Southern California. Your financial support helps subsidize these programs to make them affordable for low-income schools.


    Our Hesperia campus is a full time research and teaching facility. New initiatives are launched each season, ranging from waterproofing to emergency shelter kits.



    CalEarth trains hundreds of people annually both in the United States and abroad. Your support makes it possible for our team to carry out these programs.


    We offer scholarships to over 35% of our participants each year. Our goal is to provide training to anyone that wishes to learn regardless of financial circumstance.