Online superadobe workshop series

200.00 250.00

Beginner/Intermediate   |   Run Time: 7 Hours

The Superadobe Online Workshop is a 3 part series with 7 hours of lessons and demonstration. The class package includes the following films as well as a PDF handbook covering each of the lessons:

Intro to Superadobe Online Class

Plasters and Finishes Class Series

  • Cal-Earth Plasters Video Online Course
  • Plasters Supplemental Video: Plastering with Straw/Clay
  • Plasters Supplemental Video: Plastering with Earth & Lime Stabilizer
  • Plasters Supplemental Video: Plastering with Earth & Cement Stabilizer

Superadobe Workshop:

  • Lesson 1: Into
  • Lesson 2: Brick Arches & Geometry 
  • Lesson 3: Using a Compass 
  • Lesson 4: Soils Practicum & Discussion 
  • Lesson 5: Eco-Dome Footprint/Layout
  • Lesson 6: Design
  • Lesson 7: Placing Doors & Windows

As a reminder, you can apply the full tuition for your online class towards any future on-site workshops at Cal-Earth.

200.00 250.00
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This series also includes the Intro to Superadobe Class and the Plasters and Finishes Class. Watch the previews of each class below:

I have always wanted to take a CalEarth workshop but time and distance have made it impossible up to this point. Having this available online is truly exciting! I have ordered a roll of superadobe and plan to build and plaster a garden bed in my yard. I still hope to make it in person some day, but until then I am happy to be connected in this way.
— online student feedback

Online Superadobe Workshop + Nader Khalili Lecture Series Package
250.00 275.00

Run Time: 14.5 hours

This package includes both the Online Superadobe Workshop and the Nader Khalili Lecture series in over 14.5 hours of lectures and demonstrations. Buy them together for a lower price than when purchased separately!



Beginner | Run Time: 2.5 hours | $40

In this class you will learn how to build a garden bed and landscape walls and benches using Superadobe. This class includes the full curriculum taught in our One Day Intro program. 


Beginner | Run Time: 2.5 hours | $60

In this class you will learn about mud straw plaster, sand/cement plaster, and lime plaster, which are all taught at Cal-Earth during our Core Curriculum "B" Plasters & Finishes and the 4 Day Core workshop. 

Filmmaker: Jerry Peterson

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