Online superadobe workshop series +
Nader khalili lecture series package

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Run Time: 14.5 hours

This package includes both the Online Superadobe Workshop and the Nader Khalili Lecture series in over 14.5 hours of lectures and demonstrations. Buy them together for a lower price than when purchased separately!

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Run Time 7.5 hours | $75

This series includes 7 films with lectures given by Nader Khalili (1936-2008), founder of CalEarth and inventor of SuperAdobe. These films span 25+ years and include archival footage of his work with Ceramic Houses in Iran, a full documentary of the Eco-Dome being built, and multiple other lectures. Click below to read more about each film in the series.

Beginner | Run Time: 7 hours | $200 

For those looking for hands-on demonstrations and lectures, this 12-part video series includes nearly 7 hours of classes. This package includes the Intro to Superadobe Course, the Plasters & Finishes Course (also sold individually) along with 7 additional lessons and 3 supplemental plasters demonstration videos not available for individual purchase. Click to read more. 


Immediately after payment, you will be able to download a PDF digital handbook. In the handbook are instructions with a link for where to view the videos. 

Filmmaker: Jerry Peterson

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