Ceramics Workshop "B" - Raku Glazing & Firing

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Ceramics Workshop "B" - Raku Glazing & Firing

from 350.00

Beginner   |   8:00am - 5:00pm Saturday & Sunday   |   Hesperia, California

Open to all experience levels, geared toward those with little to no previous clay experience. Students are encouraged to participate in both A and B workshops for a complete and well rounded experience, though it is not mandatory and options are available if you only want to participate in one of the weekends.

Create personal, handmade gifts for friends and family while learning an exciting craft, or gift the workshop and share the experience with someone special!


Unlike most ceramic firing processes Raku is a very fast process. Red hot pieces are removed from the kiln at 1800 degrees and smothered with straw and dry combustibles to create flashes of color in the glazes. After pieces cool they are dunked in water to speed cooling and set the colors. Raku firing produces wonderful lusters and crackle glazes, making each piece unique.

This is a fascinating firing process to see and be a part of. Raku firing is dramatic and exciting. It is also a wonderful way to actually watch the glazes melt and see what happens inside the kiln in a matter of minutes.

  • Overview of Raku glazes and glazing techniques (several glazes provided)
  • Overview and participation in the Raku firing process
  • Students will be able to glaze fire 3-6 of their pieces (more pieces dependent upon space and time available).
  • Bisque firing available at Cal-Earth prior to workshop (see details below)
  • Bring your own bisque pieces to glaze fire if you choose (limited to 3-6 pieces dependent upon size)
  • Bisque pots made by instructors, for students to glaze, are available for purchase starting at $15 each
  • Stay overnight at Cal-Earth

Pieces MUST be bisque fired to cone 06/07 for the glaze session (bisque firing included – all pieces must be on the bisque shelf ready for bisque firing by Sunday December 10th at end of Ceramics (A) workshop, if you want Cal-Earth to fire them). Clay should be suitable type and form for the intense thermal shock process of Raku firing. Discuss details beforehand with instructor.

  • You will be working near intense heat and open flames during the Raku firing process. Do not wear flammable clothes or open toe shoes. 
  • Bring long sleeves, welding gloves or leather gloves, hat, and bandana or scarf.
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Groups of 2 or more: 10% discount per person

Cancellation Policy:

If for some reason you are unable to attend the workshop you registered for, your tuition may also be applied to another course that same year if you notify Cal-Earth at least two weeks before the start of a course.

If you wish to withdraw completely and cannot reschedule, a $50 registration fee will be deducted and your remaining balance refunded if you notify Cal-Earth two weeks prior to the start of the workshop. Any cancellations within two weeks of the workshop will not be refunded, only transfered. 

If Cal-Earth cancels the workshop due to low enrollment your tuition will be fully refunded or transferred.